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Spy latest Iphone Software

Spy Latest IPhone Software

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Spy Latest iPhone Software

This is our modern Spy software which is compatible with all versions of I-phones. With the increasing demand of I-Phone model, it has become a Status Symbol which needs a security to protect it either physically or internally. This Software can track the location of your I-phone when it was stolen or you lost it accidently. So this can be a unique gift for your children who all are asking for I-Phone and this will also help you to track your child’s activities. Installation of this software will take few minutes and you will be able to observe all the information from the I-Phone. 
It will track all the information includes Text Messages, Call recordings, Phonebook and all the browsing history and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp visited by the person. The benefit of the software is that it can also track all those information which are once deleted. 


Specifications for iPhone Software

1.View Call Details

2.View Call Record List

3.Read SMS List

4.Read Contact List

5.View Current Location

6.Read Whatsapp List

Live Panel Features

Live Listening Audio Without Indication

Live Locations

Live Screen Shot

Take Live Photo from Rear and Front Camera


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