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Ultra Compact Stugun

Ultra Compact Stugun

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Ultra Compact Stun Gun

In a simple language Stun Gun is a Self Defense device which disrupts Central Nervous System and cause breakdown. It also causes brain unable to function for a certain period of time. Simply touching an attacker with a stun gun for one to two seconds will deliver an Electroshock which will disable muscle control, causing Confusion, imbalance and disorientation. This is very much in demand as a Self Defense tool. This Device is very useful for women who travels outstations for business purposes or working women or anyone who cares for their safety. This will bring the attacker down and disable him temporarily to react.

This Ultra Compact Stun Gun is built with latest technology and very compatible in size and design and lets you to carry it anywhere. It has Holster which lets it to tie around your belt. It also comes with 3 Led Bulbs installed in this device which will help you to use it in nights also. It comes with one-year Company Warranty. You can buy latest and advanced and modern Stun Guns from our website at lowest price in India.


  1. This is compatible and handy.
  2. It has 3 LED lights which can be used as Torch.
  3. It comes with integrated Charger which recharges this device very quickly.
  4. It has Safety Pin which prevents you to get any electric Shock.
  5. It outer surface is built with strong durable which remains last longer.


Product Includes

Product comes with Ultra Compact Stun Gun which is specially made with latest technology, Charger, Safety Pin, User Manual and comes with One Year Company Warranty.


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