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Spy Secret Charger With Remote Camera

Spy Secret Charger With Camera

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Spy Secret Charger With Camera

This device has High Definition Camera which records real-time video and audio. This is an excellent product to record movements and surveillance in your office, home or anywhere when you were not there. It has inbuilt night vision Camera which records clear video and pictures in nights and low illumination. You can see every movement through this camera which can be used as proof and it will help to know each and everything happened in your absence. You can connect it to computer/Laptop through normal USB cable. It can also record the video and audio while charging which makes it very difficult for anyone to recognize.


1. It comes with 4 GB Internal Memory which is expandable up to 32 GB.
2. The Camera has 2 Lens and Low Illumination 1 LUX with 60degree wide angle which records clear and perfect video.
3. Input: AC110-220V 50/60Hz AC10mA.
4. It supports all types of an operating system like Microsoft, IOS, and Linux.
5. You don’t require any drivers to connect it with computers or Laptops
6. It has 5.0 MP Camera which records Videos in AVI Format in 720*480pixels with 30FPS.
7. It records continuously for 180 min on the single charge.

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