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Spy Laptop Bag Camera For Office Use

Spy Laptop Bag Camera

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Spy Laptop Bag Camera

This Spy Laptop Bag Camera is built with Small Pinhole Camera which records High clarity Video and audio. It has High resolution HD Pinhole Camera with inbuilt microphone which Records High Resolution Video and Audio. It comes with 16 GB internal memory which can be expandable upto 32 GB. It records for long hours due to large space available in SD Card. It is very fashionable and available in trendy colors and design. This device will be a great option for you to when you were planning for any Surveillance, Meetings or any kind of spying related Activities. You can buy this Spy Glass Cover Camera from Active India at lowest price with one year Warranty.


1. It has 5.0 MP Camera which records Videos in AVI Format in 1280 *960 pixels with 30FPS.
2. It comes with 16GB Memory which can be expandable upto 32 GB.
3. It has 2400 mAh High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery which remains last longer.
4. It supports all types of operating system like Microsoft, IOS, and Linux.
5. It can be charge from normal USB Cable available in market.
6. Remote control: 3V/1mA supply, 1-10m distance
7. It records video for 8 hours continuously when fully charged and has 7 days standby.

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