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Spy Coca Cola Can Camera

Spy Coca Cola Can Camera

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Spy Coca Cola Can Camera

This is one of our hottest products; A Spy Coca-Cola CAN Camera features the smallest pinhole camera in the world. This Spy Camera can be operate in indoors or outdoors and clearly view down a street or throughout a room while recording video. You can connect it to computer or laptop via USB. It comes with 4 GB internal memory which can be expandable. You do not require any drivers to connect it to PC/Laptop. This newly designed product features built in video functions and real time recordings with no motion blurs or time delay. You can charge it with the normal USB Cable. This product works brilliantly and efficiently in any Spy operation. It is compatible with all types of operating System. You can also use it as U disk. It is controlled by remote controller. It`s also a good choice for investigator to capture evidence with it, pretending to have a beverage.


1. It don’t require any drivers, you can directly connect it to your PC and Laptop.
2. It supports all types of operating system like Microsoft, IOS, and Linux.
3. It has 5.0 MP Camera which records Videos in AVI Format with 1280 *960pixels and 30 FPS.
4. It comes with 4 GB Internal Memory which can be expandable upto 32GB.
5. It records video for 15 hours continuously on single charge. You can also use it as U disk.
6. It don’t required and additional Drivers, you can directly connect it with computer or Laptop.
6. It has Lithium-ion battery which gives Last Long Performance.

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