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CCTV TV Tester for CCTV Checking

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CCTV TV Tester for CCTV Checking

If you are looking for the best device to test your security system, then this 3.5 Inch TFT Wristband Security Tester is the perfect option available for you. This device is very helpful in testing security cameras during installation or routine maintenance and testing. It has 3.5" TFT display that fits perfect on your wrist. An adjustable strap ensures that the device adjusts on different sizes of wrists. This device is bundled with two inbuilt speakers with high quality sound output for on-point testing. It runs for 6-7 hours continuously when fully charged. A well labeled ON/OFF Button enables you to switch the device ON and OFF when needed for manual power saving. This device automatically shuts down when it is not is not in use for 10 minutes continuously without receiving any video signal. It is very compatible and handy so that you can carry it anywhere and use it according to your requirement.


1. It has 2200mAh powerful Lithium ion battery which runs for long time.
2. It is a 920*240 resolution CCD Security Camera Detector.
3. Video Input: 1.0Vp-p and Audio Input: 0.7 V p-p
4. It has dual speaker with Sun Vision.
5. It is 3.5 inch in size with LCD TFT Display.
6. It automatically shuts down when not in use for 5 minutes continuously without receiving video signals.
7. It runs for 6 hours continuously when fully charged.

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