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Bullet Proof Jacket-Vests for Safety

Bullet Proof Jacket-Vests for Safety

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Bullet Proof Jacket-Vests for Personal Safety

A Bullet Proof Jacket is an item of personal armor that helps absorb the impact and reduce or stop penetration to the body from firearm-fired projectiles- and shrapnel from explosions, and is worn on the torso. Soft vests are made of many layers of woven or laminated fibers and can protect the wearer from small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles, and small fragments from explosives such as hand grenades. These vests often have a ballistic plate inserted into the vest. Metal or ceramic plates can be used with a soft vest, providing additional protection against rifle rounds, and metallic components or tightly woven fiber layers can give Soft Armor resistance to stab and slash attacks from knives and similar close-quarter weapons. Soft vests are commonly worn by police forces, private citizens who are at risk of being shot. We Active India Digital Products deal in all kinds of Soft Amour Jacket. This product built with high quality of materials and meets international standards. It is built with the fabric with multilayer of unidirectional structure, fibers are arranged in a criss-cross (0/90) orientation and fixed with adhesives. This kind of structure enables the material to rapidly spread impact energy to larger area, resulting smaller indentation and alleviating non-penetration injury. Bulletproof vests made from ACTION series UD fabric show excellent performance in bullet resistance, and they are light, soft, and perfectly adjust in the body.

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