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This is highly efficient product built by our team of experts and meets all the international quality standards. The camera is made up of ACRYLIC PIPE FOR MORE CLEARITY OF CAMERA and is precisely sealed to prevent any condensation and water intrusion. There are LED lights which illuminates enough light to capture clear pictures and recording videos. The Centralizer is designed to keep the camera in the center of borehole and it is attached at the rear of camera housing, therefore, the suspended particle, it is resulted from the scratch of the centralizer, cannot interfere with the camera images. This is a new electronic health and industrial pipeline inspection product, you can use it to for Search and rescue, Pipeline Inspection, engine inspection, video monitor, sewer inspection; cast mound in wall inspection, etc. User interface is very friendly. It helps you to do the micro-measure work easily and effortlessly.


1. It is a fully waterproof device with outer diameter around 14.5 mm.
2. It is around 5 meter in length and has USB 2.0 interface.
3. It has 1/6 CMOS Image Sensor.
4. It records clear pictures and video in low light and in dark.
5. Camera has 640 x 480 Resolution with 30 FPS.
6. It has 4 LED which gives enough light to record bright and clear images.

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